Role: Lead Designer


Project Size: Team of 25

Project Duration: August 2018 - Present

     Ascend is a USC Advanced Games Project currently in development for Oculus, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality.

    It is a Virtual Reality six-degrees-of-freedom hero shooter, emphasizing player physicality and use of one's body to dominate their foes in the arena. 

Level Design

     As a hero shooter, Ascend's  level design has undergone many iterations in order to accommodate characters of varying abilities, engagement ranges, and play-styles.


     I am Ascend's principle level designer, and have created greyboxes for our lobby & internal locomotion test levels as well as collaborated with three other level and lighting designers in the ideation and creation of our Sanctum level.

     Click on the image gallery to read about Ascend's level design process in-depth and see the evolution of Sanctum!

Core Game & Character Design

     As lead designer, I am additionally responsible for our core design documentation, and have created our primary GDD.

     I have ideated on & created design documentation for our first Warrior: Mufid, the Inventor, and have collaborated with our design and engineering teams to iterate his designs based on feel & feedback.

     Click on the image gallery to read about how Mufid's design has changed based on iteration from playtest data!

     Click here to access our full core design document.