About Me

     Hey there! I'm Sam, I live in LA, and I love video games, but you already knew that. Three other experiences affect me deeply for various reasons: hiking, brewing, and LARPing.


     Perhaps they make me feel like the Dungeons & Dragons characters I've created, maybe I just like art you can experience or eat. Whatever the exact reason, they bring me a lot of joy.


     I like a whole lotta other things, most of them nerdy as heck, and I've been particularly interested in the variety of ways people engage with narrative across multiple mediums.


   The way narrative is experienced and consumed in a long D&D campaign, a label on a wine bottle, a tense duel at a LARP event, or a video game are all drastically different. The beholder has changing expectations for each, and for each new challenges arise.



     If you're in the Colorado area, you can buy our mead! We operate under the label Gryphon & Fox, and presently you can only order from myself or my brewing partner at kararou.space.

     Maybe catch us on tap soon? If nothing else, tell me your favorite fruits and I'll whip you something up :)